Arrival/Dismissal Procedure



Parents dropping off their children in the K-8 school should enter Holy Rosary property at the traffic light on Green River Road, then drive around the gymnasium to the Morning Drop Off Zone.  Children should exit their cars from the passenger-only side of the vehicle and follow the footpath/walkway to the school building and the 1988 West doors or the Preschool doors.  Drivers should exit by circling to the north end of the parking lot and leave the property via the traffic light where they entered on Green River Road.  At 7:50AM the Door 7/1988 West door will be locked.


Hints to help make drop off go smoothly for you and for others…

  • Enter school property by the traffic light only.  Do not enter through the driveway between church and Raben Tire.  You will not be able to merge into the traffic along the Drop Off Zone.
  • Please have children ready to exit the car when you arrive.  They should have books, lunches, etc. ready.  Please say your good-byes before you reach the Drop Off Zone.  Long “good-bye” conversations should be avoided.
  • Please allow children to exit the car as soon as you have reached any part of the Drop Off Zone.  Pull forward as far as you can to allow more cars to line up along the Drop Off Zone.  Please do not wait until you are the front vehicle for your student to exit.  This will cause delays in the drop off procedure.     
  • Do not attempt to go around or pass a vehicle that has stopped in the Drop Off Zone.
  • If a student arrives at school after 7:50, he/she should enter through the office doors close to the gym by using the buzzer, check in at the office to sign in with the secretary, receive a pass, and then proceed to class.   Parents dropping off students late for school are asked to pull in to the school visitor parking spots along the south side of the SAC building.
  • REMINDER:  Students are expected to be IN THEIR HOMEROOMS by 7:50am when the tardy bell rings.  A student who is in the building but not in their homeroom is considered tardy to school.  Please plan accordingly in the mornings.  Drop off has traditionally been busiest from 7:35 to 7:50.  If you plan to drop your students off by 7:30, parents and students should not have to worry about being late to school.
  • Do not drop off or pick up students in the front parking lot along Green River Road or along the south driveway to enter through the Office/Gym doors.  Students will not be allowed to enter the building through doors other than the 1988 West door.     


Parents dropping off students in both the K-8 building AND in the preschool should follow the procedure above to drop off your K-8 students. After dropping off older students, proceed around the first median (north of the preschool building) and park.  Parents should walk their students to the east or south entrance of the preschool.  Please be ALERT.  You WILL have to cross traffic.  There will be less traffic before 7:30 and between 7:50 and 8:00 if you are able to drop off during those times.


Parents dropping off a preschooler only should follow the procedures provided in their back to school folders



Parents should enter the property at the traffic light on Green River Road, drive around the gymnasium and turn right at the NEW drive along the north side of the Preschool building.  From there, vehicles will be directed around the boulevard to face west (toward the playground) where cars will begin to line up in rows that fill the parking lot.


  • Teachers will be stationed throughout the parking lot to direct traffic.  Please follow the flow of traffic.  Please do not attempt to go around or pass a vehicle that has stopped.
  • When the cars have stopped completely, children may walk to their cars.
  • When children are in their vehicles and the lot is cleared of pedestrians, teachers will direct the vehicles to exit the parking lot by way of the driveway to Green River Road.
  • Children not picked up in the first round of cars will wait under the porch of the Parish Hall or in the school building for their ride.  When the first round of children has been picked up, the procedure will be repeated.
  • Drivers who leave their vehicles should be aware when it is time to leave and be ready to exit on a timely basis.
  • Drivers should not allow pets out of vehicles at dismissal as this can slow the dismissal procedure and potentially cause safety concerns for students. 
  • Children who have not been picked up by 3:00 pm will be taken to After School Care at the parents’ expense. 
  • Drivers who do not arrive in time for normal dismissal procedure will need to come in to the school building to pick up students from the gym. 


Children should…

  • …stay with their carpool.
  • …listen to the teachers and watch for their car to arrive in the pick-up area.
  • …not play, do homework, or use their phones during pick up.
  • …not cross the lane of traffic unless supervised by an adult.


All students leaving by car are expected to be picked up in the back parking lot of the school through our normal dismissal procedure.  Students will not be permitted to walk to the front church parking lot to meet rides unless a special circumstance has been communicated to and approved by the principal. 


Parents of Kindergarteners and new students are invited leave their vehicles and wait for their children between the preschool and the parish hall to help them find their way to your vehicle.


It is helpful for parents of our older/more experienced students to wait in or near your vehicles.  Teachers will be present to help them find you if they need help.  This makes our dismissal procedure run more efficiently and safely.




  • At dismissal, students exit and walk via sidewalk with supervising teacher to the safety patrol station at Green River Road.  There will be no crossing guard stationed at Green River Road at dismissal. 
  • Students crossing Green River Road are to stand and wait in the area designated by the teachers.
  • Students are to follow the directions of the supervising teachers and safety patrol stationed at the crosswalk.
  • All students being picked up by car are expected to be picked up in the back parking lot of the school.



  • At dismissal, students exit by the south doors to the bicycle rack.
  • Walk one bicycle at a time on the sidewalk all the way to Green River Road.
  • Follow the directions of the supervising teachers and safety patrol while at the waiting area.


After School Care

At dismissal, students report directly to the specified After School Care area to meet After School Care staff.


Weather Related Conditions and Emergencies

In inclement weather, children not picked up in the first round of cars will wait at dismissal under the porch of the Parish Hall or in the school building for their cars to come around.