All K- 8 students engage in art classes.  Classes meet twice a week in upper grades and every other week in the lower grades.  Seventh and eighth graders meet one semester only.  Grades are based upon effort (class work and sketchbooks).

The art curriculum is based upon study and review of the elements and principles of art.  A variety of projects* are used to explore those elements and principles of art:

Fifth Grade

  • drawing
  • color-mixing
  • weaving
  • scratchboard
  • paper cutting
  • still life
  • paper mache
  • paper mosaics

Sixth Grade

  • drawing
  • faces
  • painting
  • figure drawing
  • yarn painting
  • Aboriginal art
  • plaster casts
  • icosahedrons

Seventh Grade

  • drawing
  • paper-making
  • calligraphy
  • illuminated letter
  • tempera “batik

Eighth Grade

  • drawing
  • print-making
  • foil-relief sculpture
  • perspective
  • tessellations

*List is not exhaustive, but representational.  Projects subject to change at descretion of teacher.