Students are eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities if they comply with the Code of Behavior of Holy Rosary School. When a student receives his/her third detention in a grading period, he/she will be declared ineligible for extra-curricular activities for a period of 15 school days. If a student receives additional detentions during the suspension period, the suspension period shall be extended one week for each additional detention. A student who receives six detentions during a grading period will be declared ineligible for participation for the remainder of the semester.

The principal will monitor student academic and behavioral progress. If a student becomes ineligible, the principal or the athletic director will notify the student, his/her parents, and the appropriate coaches/coordinators.

Athletic Program

Baseball Boys: Grades K-8

Basketball Boys and Girls: Grades K-8

Cheerleading Girls: Grades 5-8


Boys Flag: Grades 1-2

Boys Tackle: Grades 3-4/5-6

Boys Cub: Grades 7-8


Boys: Grades K-2/5-8

Girls: Grades K-8

Softball: Girls ages 5-14

Track/Cross-Country: Boys & Girls, Grades 5-8

Volleyball: Girls, Grades 5-8

Wrestling: Boys, Grades K-8

In a cooperative environment, athletes, coaches and parents will work to create a positive Christian atmosphere for athletic competition through practicing good sportsmanship in competition, behavior and attitude. In this way we show gratitude for our gifts and talents and use them for God’s glory in building His kingdom.

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