Class Room Info



Kindergarten will have a maximum of 20 students per classroom


Grades 1-2 will have a maximum of 22 students per classroom


Grades 3-4 will have a maximum of 24 students per classroom


Grades 5-8 will have a maximum of 25 students per classroom



Homework provides for practice of skills and applications of principles based upon work begun in the classroom. Homework should enrich school experiences and promote an interest in life-long learning, as well as stimulate individual initiative, personal responsibility, and the use of good study skills.


Parents are urged to help rather than do the assigned work. Parental help should include arranging a quiet, comfortable place for the student to work and seeing that assignments are completed. (Memorial Feeder Schools)


Students require different amounts of time for completing their homework depending on grade level and student ability. If a parent has concerns regarding homework, the parent is encouraged to contact the teacher.


A weekly newsletter/assignment sheet is given to each student in grades 1 and 2. It is to be signed by the parent daily or at the end of the week as determined by the homeroom teacher. Assignment books are issued to students in grades 3-8. The signed assignment paper or book is to be turned in to the homeroom teacher on the following day or at the teacher’s discretion.



The grading system for grades 3-8 is as follows:


94-100 A

85-93 B

77-84 C

70-76 D

0-69 F