Holy Rosary Totten Hall

Perhaps you recognize only part of our preschool’s name, “Totten Hall”. Maybe you even know a little song or someone else who does that goes to the tune of Mickey Mouse…

T-O-T T-E-N H-A-double L
Totten Hall, Totten Hall
Our nursery school forever we’ll love you!

We’ll sing and play
And be happy each day
And make new friends
This is where it all begins

Totten Hall We Love You!

Well that’s because Totten Hall Preschool is over eighty years old and maybe YOU or a relative or friend was a Totten Hall Turtle! During the late 1990’s and early in the year 2000, Holy Rosary Parish and School had been looking into beginning a preschool when low and behold Totten Hall Preschool staff was looking for a new home. God had a hand in helping us find each other and it’s been like finding your family! Holy Rosary Totten Hall Preschool is a blessing for our parish, our K-8 school and so many of God’s little children.Our teachers believe in what we do and our parish supports our ministry with great enthusiasm. We believe our preschool ministry is a vital piece of school our program in living our Mission.

In a nurturing environment and through the cooperative effort of families, teachers, and parish community, all children at Holy Rosary Catholic School will develop a sound foundation of Catholic faith along with an excellent base of knowledge that prepares them to be life long learners.