The Holy Rosary Parent Teacher Organization holds as its purpose these following statements:

To promote communication and participation between the school and the parents through activities such as PTO meetings, classroom helpers and parent volunteers, membership, projects and proposals, publicity, hospitality, school directory, and parent packs.

To assist the school in educational activities that might not otherwise be available. Committees include: Health, Drug Education and Awareness, Art Fair, Aluminum Can Recycling Project, and Enrichment Volunteers.

To support student events, rewards and parties. Committees include Field Day, 8th Grade Graduation Reception and Luncheon, and Student and Staff Appreciation.

To form special committees as needed as as issues arise.

The budget of the PTO includes planning for (but not limited to) the following:

Library support

Tuition Assistance

Technology Support

Speech Program

Art Fair/Framing

Science Lab

Music Program

Student Appreciation

Safety Patrol

Teacher’s Christmas Gifts

Catholic Schools Week

Physical Education Equipment

PTA vs PTO – what’s the difference?

In a nutshell, PTAs are local groups that affiliate with the National PTA. These groups pay dues to their respective state PTAs and to the National PTA, and they receive benefits from those organizations. “PTO” is the general acronym for the many groups (PTOs, PCCs, HSAs, etc.) that choose to remain independent. PTOs are free to write their own bylaws, and they can either not charge dues at all or keep whatever dues they do charge at their school. While “PTA” is the most well-recognized acronym to the general public (perhaps because of the Harper Valley song and movie), these days more than 75 percent of K-8 parent-teacher groups are actually independent PTOs. Of the more than 112,000 K-12 schools in the United States, fewer than 22,000 of those still have formally affiliated PTA units.