Scrip is our PTO’s major fundraising program.  We depend on the SCRIP program to fund nearly all of our PTO activities.  Your participation is encouraged and appreciated.  The rebates earned in our program are divided 75% with school families as tuition credit and 25% to our PTO as a PTO fundraiser.  SIGN UP AND GET STARTED

We strongly encourage you to place your Scrip order online at  Online ordering will allow for a more accurate and efficient processing of your order as well as providing our families with hundreds of options.  We encourage you to sign up for Prestopay which allows for online payments as well as access to ScripNow and ScripReloads.  We do have a paper order form which can be accessed here – Scrip Paper Order form .

You are still welcome to visit the office and purchase from available inventory.  The Scrip inventory is available in the school office during the school year and the parish office in the summer.  The purchase sheet can be located here – ScripToGo Order Form

We currently accept cash, checks, and PrestoPay for payments.  Due to the fees involved we cannot accept debit or credit card payments.

All orders are due Monday at 10 a.m.  We submit our school order to our supplier and expect to distribute the orders on Wednesday by noon.

Schnucks program

Schnucks has a card that you scan each time you checkout.  Then depending on your monthly total, you earn 1-3% rebate for the month.  Schnucks provides a report to us listing your rebate.  We apply these rebates to your account on an annual basis.

Account Setup and PrestoPay

Account Setup For security reasons requests that each Holy Rosary family set up their own account on their website (  You will need to contact a coordinator listed below to obtain the enrollment code for Holy Rosary to complete the process. If you walk-in and purchase from our available inventory in the office or use paper order forms we will set your account up at that time, although it will not have internet access.  Non-School families can choose to donate their 75% to any of the School or Parish organizations.

PrestoPay  Presto Pay is an auto payment method which drafts your payment automatically from your checking or savings account when purchasing either electronic or physical gift cards from

The PrestoPay signup process is a multi-step process.  Once you have provided your ACH information, the company will confirm your account by initiating two very small deposits to your account.  You confirm the receipt of those deposits and are provided a 4-digit confirmation code.  You will need to send the 4-digit code to one of our coordinators so we can approve PrestoPay for your account.  We reserve the right to revoke Prestopay approval if we have multiple payment issues.  The PrestoPay process can take up 2-3 days so please sign up before you think you will need it for ScripNow and ScripReload.


What is Scrip?


Marietta Werthmann  812-430-6961