In cooperation with the eastside partner schools of Reitz Memorial Catholic High School, Holy Rosary will utilize the Grade Scale below in grades 3-8.

94-100 A
85-93 B
77-84 C
70-76 D
0-69 F


Honor Roll for students in grades 5-8 will be determined using the following GPA categories:

3.75 – 4.00 = High Honors
3.50 – 3.74 = Honors
3.00 – 3.49 = Honorable Mention


Achieve3000 is a research-based non-fiction reading program that gives each student informational articles at their own unique lexile level (reading comprehension level). Students take a level set test at the start of the school year to determine their initial lexile level. Teachers assign articles (sometimes students will choose articles) for the students to read. The students then respond to a variety of questions and activities based on college and career ready skills. The unique part of the program is that each student experiences the article at his/her own lexile level leading to the best opportunity for growth. The program adjusts as the student demonstrates comprehension, slowly increasing the complexity of the text to grow his/her reading lexile level.

This is the 6th year for utilizing Achieve3000 as a learning tool at Holy Rosary. We are excited about the significant growth our students have demonstrated as they learn, practice, and master vital skills for interacting with information text in the 21st century. The focus on each student’s individual growth and personal learning is a must. Achieve 3000 allows us to offer this a special kind of customized learning alongside exposure to grade level content.

Our goal in second grade will be to introduce the program, teach model necessary reading and comprehension skills via working with the articles, and prepare them to interact with informational text in a new way.

In grades 3-8, teachers will introduce and model working with the text, assign articles, and use parts of the activities for assignments and grades (i.e. students may be assigned the Thought Question activity which teachers may choose to use for a content grade and/or a writing grade). Students in grades 3-8 will have a goal of completing 2 articles per week. In grades 5-8, teachers of Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies will be using Achieve 3000 related to their content areas.