Arrival Dismissal

Holy Rosary K-8 Arrival Procedure

We are grateful for the cooperation of our parents and families in helping our procedures to be safe for our children and to go smoothly for yourself and all our Holy Rosary families.

If you have a child/children in the K-8 program ONLY, this procedure is for you!

If you have a student in the K-8 program and in the preschool, and your K-8 student is old enough and responsible enough to walk your preschooler into their classroom, you may choose to drop them off via the K-8 procedure, or you may drop off your K-8 student and then pull into the preschool parking spaces to walk your little one into the preschool.

Parents dropping off a preschooler only should follow the procedures for preschool only.

This pick up procedure is for students in the K-8 building and preschool students who are accompanied by an older sibling or student in their carpool. 

  • Drivers should enter the property at the traffic light on Green River Road, and follow the driveway to the back parking lot.
  • Vehicles will be directed to pull into rows facing west (toward the playground) starting with Row 1 (see signs on the playground fence), then Row 2, and so on to Row 6.
  • Teachers will be stationed with walkie-talkies throughout the parking lot to direct traffic. Please follow the flow of traffic and the teachers’ directions. Please do not attempt to go around or pass a vehicle that has stopped.
  • When traffic has stopped completely, teachers will direct children to walk to their cars.
  • Once children are in their vehicles and the lot is cleared of pedestrians, teachers will direct the vehicles to exit the parking lot row by row by way of the driveway to Green River Road at the traffic light.
  • Children not picked up in the first round will wait on the porch of the Parish Hall. When the first round of cars have exited, the procedure will be repeated for Rows 1-6.
  • If you cannot find your child, please talk to the nearest teacher who can use a walkietalkie to help locate students.
  • Drivers who leave their vehicles should be aware when it is time to leave and be ready to load their vehicles in order to exit on a timely basis.
  • Drivers should not allow pets out of vehicles at dismissal as this can slow the dismissal procedure and potentially cause safety concerns for students.
  • Drivers who do not arrive in time for normal dismissal procedure will need to come in to the school building to pick up students from After School Care in the gym.
  • If there is a change in your children’s dismissal plans, please contact the school office and we will let your children know. Drivers should not text children of a change in plans, because students will not be allowed to have their phones out during dismissal.

Children should…

  • …not walk through the parking lot unless supervised by an adult.
  • …listen to the teachers and watch for their car to arrive in the pick-up area.
  • …stay with their carpool.
  • …not play, do homework, or use their phones during pick up.

All students leaving by car are expected to be picked up in the back parking lot of the school through our normal dismissal procedure. Students will not be permitted to be picked up by car from an alternate location.

Parents of Kindergarteners and new students may leave their vehicles and wait for their children around the first median to help them find their way to your vehicle.

It is helpful for parents of our older/more experienced students to wait in or near your vehicles. Teachers will be present to help them find you if they need help. This makes our dismissal procedure run more efficiently and safely.