Leader In Me

Dear Holy Rosary Parents and Families,

We are so excited this year to introduce our students and community to a program called The Leader in Me! The Leader in Me is based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey. Perhaps many of you have heard of it or have read it! The Leader in Me is based on the belief that every child has gifts and talents and the potential to be a leader. Leaders can be all of the things we typically think of regarding leadership, but leaders can also lead is so many more ways! We want to help each of our children find a leader inside of them!

Thanks to a grant from the Koch Family Foundation with a focus on building a culture of excellence, Holy Rosary and 11 other diocesan schools are at the beginning of year 1 of implementation of The Leader in Me in our schools! All of our faculty members have already participated in two days of training regarding the 7 Habits. We will have a 3rd day of training on Friday, August 31st!

We are especially excited about the Leader in Me opportunity for our students and community, because the habits and strategies are so interwoven with scripture and our faith! It will be our blessing to help make those real life connections to our faith as we learn more together!

We have already purchased additional resources for classrooms and for students, and we look forward to learning more about how we can teach the 7 Habits and to our students and help them learn and practice them for their benefit and for our community. Our students will learn 21st century leadership and life skills. We look forward to a focus on independence (goal-seeing, organization, time management, and planning), interdependence (teamwork, conflict management, creativity, and analytical skills), and renewal (fun, desire to learn, healthy habits, and more). We can’t wait to get further into implementation, and we look forward to our students and school community sharing what they’re learning with you!

If you’re interested in learning more, just search Leader in Me!

In search of the leader God created in all of us,

Joan Fredrich, Tracey Unfried, and the Faculty and Staff of Holy Rosary

When God sees you doing your part,
developing what He has given you,
then He will do His part
and open doors no man can shut.