Student Dress Code

The purpose of the dress code is to promote neatness, discipline, a sense of Catholic school identity, and to provide an atmosphere of learning that is free from emphasis on clothing. The Student Dress Code is to be followed on the first day of school.

The enforcement of the dress code is a joint responsibility of students, parents, teachers and administration. Parents must see that children leave the house properly attired and teachers and administrators must see that students follow the dress code. The handbook cannot make provisions for the continual changing of fads. Therefore, the school administration reserves the right to determine what meets these guidelines when there is a question of acceptability or appropriateness.

Uniforms MUST be purchased through an on-line school uniform company or they may be purchased from the uniform sections in stores such stores as JC Penney, Old Navy, etc. Be mindful of the approved dress code as stated below before purchasing. Not all uniform sections follow our school dress code. If you don’t think it meets these guidelines, it probably doesn’t! You may ask the school office if you are in doubt.


Students not adhering to the school dress code will receive a “Dress Code Violation.” Upon the 3rd violation, the student will not be eligible to participate in the next Free Dress Day and/or possible Spirit Dress Day.

Boys and Girls Grades K-8

Pants: Navy UNIFORM pants.

  • Pants must be ankle length and not over the shoe. No rolling the cuff of the pant leg.
  • No oversized, low rise, or hip-hugger pants. It is the parent’s responsibility to see that the uniform pants fit all policy guidelines.
  • NO LOGOS visible anywhere on the outside of the pants. NO POCKET FLAPS.
  • Students in grades 7-8 may also choose to wear khaki uniform style pants that follow the same style guidelines as listed for navy.

Shorts: Navy with or without cuff, UNIFORM BRAND ONLY walking shorts.

  • Black Watch Plaid shorts may be worn for girls.
  • NO LOGOS visible anywhere on the outside of the shorts. NO POCKET FLAPS.
  • Hem must not be more than five inches from the floor when student is kneeling.
  • They must fit modestly and appropriately. No oversized or undersized shorts.
  • Students in grades 7-8 may also choose to wear khaki uniform style shorts that follow same style guidelines as listed for navy.
  • Shorts may NOT be worn to school after Thanksgiving Break and before Spring Break

Skirt, Skort, or Jumper for Girls K-4 only: Navy or Black Watch Plaid.

  • Must be uniform material. Hem must not be more than five inches from the floor when the student is kneeling.
  • Wearing shorts under the uniform jumper or skirt is suggested and permitted if the length of the shorts does not exceed the skirt length.
  • Girls MUST wear either tights or full-length leggings with skirts, skorts, or jumpers after Thanksgiving and before Spring Break.
  • Girls in grades five through eight may not wear skirts, skorts, or jumpers to school.

Shirts: Navy, white, or hunter green solid color shirts.

  • Shirts must have a collar and be standard length short or long sleeves. Only the Holy Rosary logo is acceptable, no other logo is permitted.
  • SHIRTS MUST BE TUCKED IN AT ALL TIMES!! Arrive at school and leave school with shirts tucked in. If a shirt becomes un-tucked during recess, it must be tucked in before returning to the next class.
  • T-shirts worn under the shirt must be short sleeved and of the same color as outer shirt, or plain white, with NO designs. Shirts must have a modest, appropriate fit.
  • Oxford-style dress shirts in navy, white, or hunter green are also permitted.
  • Turtlenecks may be worn but must be navy, white, or hunter green solid color.

Blouses for Girls K-8: Navy, white or hunter green solid color.

  • Must have collar and sleeves, tailored with no contrasting color on body, sleeves or collar, including buttons.
  • Blouses must always be tucked in. Blouses that are worn too tight or otherwise inappropriately will be considered as disregarding the dress code policy.

Socks: Navy, white, hunter green, black, or grey solid color.

  • Socks must be worn with all shoes and must match each other.
  • Other than a simple logo, SOLID colors will be enforced at school. Alternate color stripes on socks will not be allowed.
  • SOLID color tights or full-length leggings in navy, white, hunter green, black, or grey may be worn with jumpers or skirts not with shorts.

Shoes: Tennis or dress shoes may be worn.

  • Shoes must be laced and neatly kept.
  • Sandals may not be worn. Shoes may not light up nor have wheels.
  • Boots may be worn to school for weather-related reasons only. It is the intention of this dress code to allow boots when it is cold, rainy or there is snow, not simply for style.
  • Boots may only be worn after Thanksgiving Break and before Spring Break.

Sweaters: Navy, white, or hunter green solid color.

  • V-necks, crew neck sweaters, vests or cardigans (no hoods) may be worn. Uniform shirt must be visible and worn under sweaters.

Sweatshirts: Navy, white, or hunter green solid color crew neck sweatshirts (no hoods).

  • Only school logo is acceptable on the sweatshirt. Uniform shirt with collar must be visible and worn under sweatshirts.

Fleece: Navy or hunter green full zip or half zip fleece sold by PTO is allowed as part of regular dress code.

  • Fleece MUST be purchased through Lands End, Carolina Threads, or Ad-Vision.
  • Fleece may be tunic style or elastic waist.
  • Uniform shirt must be visible and worn under fleece.

Belts: Navy, hunter green, black, or brown.

  • Belts must be SOLID color.
  • Belts MUST be worn with pants and shorts.


  • Hair must be kept clean and properly styled.
  • Hairstyles bordering on the extreme will not bepermitted.
  • Boys’ hair may be no longer than collar length in back and mid-ear onsides.


  • Basic jewelry is acceptable.
  • Earrings must lie flat and close to the earlobe, posts only, NO HOOPS.
  • Dangling earrings pose a safety concern and may not be worn.
  • Boys may not wear earrings.


  • Girls in grades K-6 may not wear make-up.
  • Make-up for girls in grades 7 and 8 must be minimal and age appropriate.
  • Boys may not wear make-up.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Solid color means all one color on the entire item. No contrasting colors or stripes on body, sleeves, or collar.
  • Dress Code is addressed as a separate item on the students’ Behavior Code.
  • All parts of the uniform are to be neat, clean, and fit appropriately and modestly.
  • Students must be appropriately dressed for all weather circumstances.
  • Coats are not to be worn in the classrooms without teacher permission.

Free Dress

The schedule of free dress days will be published at the beginning of the school year.

  • All clothing must be appropriately modest and reflective of Christian values. Clothing that draws attention to the student is not acceptable!
  • Shirts must have standard short sleeves or longer. No cutoffs allowed.
  • Jeans may be worn if they are hemmed and do not have holes.
  • Athletic pants may be worn. There should be no wording across the seat of the athletic pants.
  • Pajama pants, lounge pants and yoga pants are not allowed.
  • Tops worn with leggings must completely cover one’s seat.
  • The regular uniform policy regarding shoes must be followed. Socks must be worn. 

Spirit Dress

To celebrate our school spirit, students and staff of Holy Rosary Catholic School will be invited to participate in spirit dress days! The schedule of spirit dress days will be published at the beginning of the school year.

  • Spirit dress tops for students K-8 will include Holy Rosary spirit wear sold by the PTO.
  • Holy Rosary lettering or logo must be present on spirit dress items.
  • Holy Rosary athletic or academic team t-shirts may be worn.
  • Regular dress code rules apply for pants, skirts, skorts, jumpers, shoes and socks.
  • Only students in grades 7 and 8 will be allowed to wear Memorial spirit wear on Spirit Dress days. K-6 students may wear Memorial wear on Free Dress days if they choose to do so.
  • Spirit wear t-shirts MUST be tucked in during the school day. 

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